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Discount cards of GC 4 Gardens

There are discount cards with nominal value of 5%, 10% and 15% discount in the retail chain .

Cards can be purchased directly at garden centers or got under certain purchases conditions.

Pros of buying on a discount card "4 Gardens"

Discount birthday 30%

Exclusive discounts during sales and promotions

Special offers to new product range

Gifts and prizes for participants of competitions and master classes

Conditions of receiving the Discount card of the garden centers "4 Gardens": 5% card – on purchases from 2 000 rub.

10% card - on purchases from 40 000 rub.

15% card - on purchases from 80 000 rub.

You can also purchase a discount card:

The cost of 10% of cards - 1000 rub.

The cost of 15% of cards - 3000 rub.

Additional Information:

issued to the buyer discount card is only valid for your next purchase after activation discount card activation period is 2 weeks from the date of issuance of the DC buyer

at the garden center "4 Gardens" act only DC standard pattern. Other DCs are not accepted

DC discounts can‘t apply to goods on stocks

DC is cumulative, after reaching the threshold of change, you will receive SMS

DC card can not be restored if lost.

Discount card shall be replaced at the sum: 40 000 rbl. - the replacement of 10%, 150 000 rbl. - the replacement of 15%