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Dog Training Center - an association of people with the same interests. Our center has collected under one roof people enthusiastic general idea - "sobakovladeniem". We are equally pleased to see in our ranks all those who share our interests from the fans of miniature dogs to owners of dogs of giant dog - owners from pet owners to trade shows or stars indefatigable four-legged athlete.

Our Center - an alliance of creative and enterprising people, where there is an opportunity to communicate, share information, discuss, argue and work together to find solution to the problems.
This is the place where you can ask for help and advice, and sometimes vice versa provide ih. Eto society where glad to beginners and professionals.

Dog Training Center has its own site, broken down by sector for training dogs. 

Work is underway on the construction of the exhibition hall for dogs.

Based Dog Training Center operates several areas of work:

- Selection of pairs;
- Selection of puppies;
- Registration of the litter (aktirovka, branding);
- The exchange of documents;
- Training (OKD,ZKS,clicker);
- Stationary training; exit handler on the house;
- School of ornamental rocks;
- Fitness for dogs;
- Winter and summer camp;
- Grooming dogs of all breeds;
- Training dogs for exhibitions;
- Registration of dogs at the exhibition;
- Sports with dogs;
- Veterinary services;
- Advice on purchasing a puppy; choice of breed; content, education and feeding;
- Provide a platform for the exhibition of other clubs;
- Preparation of necessary official documents RKF;
- Advertisement of your dogs and puppies in our club and in the pages of our site and the group;
- Carrying out pedigree shows and exhibitions;
- Professional dog food;
- Meat products and by-products for dogs;
- .... Help in solving many other issues.

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