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In May 2015, Central Organ " Floral Region" began its new activity- manufacture new building materials based on innovative technology - a product made ​​of polystyrene foam .

The new technology consist.

Unique houses are built from thermal blocks, whose walls composed of hollow polystyrene blocks (thermal blocks) , into which concrete is poured. These materials are ideally combined and give the main walls with excellent thermal insulation. This enable us to quickly build a warm, efficient and secure home.

Main advantages:

- Ability to conduct the construction without the use of heavy equipment
- Accelerate the construction up to 10 times
- Reduction of construction costs up to 70%
- Low thermal conductivity
- High compression strength
- Resistance to burn
- Environmentally friendly and durable

Also, other products from expanded polystyrene such as decorative trim, packages, products of the machine cutting 3d ( complex shapes, advertisement, interior decoration, etc.)

At this point a test release of the first products in December 2016.

Penoplistirol is totally harmless, environmental friendly material!
Also, this material could be used to manufacture disposable tableware, packages for vegetables and fruits. This material is non- degradable and has a limited shelf life. Moreover, it has an important feature that function as a wooden wall, is its ability to "breathe", i.e. the outdoor air pass through it.

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