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Interesting Facts

- Commencement and execution of construction of the Botanical Garden - January 2013.

- Collection of plants collected over 30 years and continues to grow every year.

- Most of presented today big trees were laid in the form of being cut in period 1990-2000.

- Plants are presented in a greenhouse in 6 zones according to their home country, including: Europe , Asia, Africa, America, Australia , desert.

- Starting date of bookmark plants in the greenhouse - August 21, 2015.

- Completing the exterior design of the greenhouse - July 2015.

- The official opening date - May 12, 2016

- In the greenhouse, over 500 species of exotic and extraodinary plants with the total number of more than 1 000. The exposition will be developed in stages, by 2019 there will be a collection of more than 2,000 species and the total number of 3,000 units, and the exhibition space will be doubled.

- Most adult plants in the botanic garden are palm hamerops (born in 1948 , 67 years old).

- Figs (fig tree) brought from the greenhouse gas processing plant in 1997 began to give ripe fruit in 2010.

- The official name of the Vologda Botanic Garden-Botanica- was chosen from 67 options through a survey among the staffs of SB "Floral Region".