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Unique Features

The most exotic and glamorous plants in the greenhouse:

- Tacca (bat flower), it is an exotic perennial with highly prized- deep purple brown colour look like black at the first time.

- Pachypodium ( Madagascan palm) juice of this plant local Aborigines stuffed boom designed enemies . Each arrow is lethal.

- Tsiperus papyrus, which is also called the Nile and the Egyptian papyrus paper reed, famous as the custodian of the historical facts and folk art of the ancient world. Until now, the museum can be seen made ​​from this plant is an ancient papyrus scrolls.

- Breadfruit tree - survivor, the fruits of which reach epic proportions. The weight of the fetus is edible and resembles the dough ready for baking.

- Ring Road (known locally as the palm ), brought back handle with Zanzibar in 2013, a drug made ​​from the roots of this plant the locals are used to enhance male potency.

Unique features of the Botanical Garden:

Kissing Bridge: located in the middle of the Botanic Garden, Bridge of kisses will blow your mind with a wonderful view of a a nature paradise. The bridge is located in "Wedding Island", a romantic place for ideal wedding photo shoots.

Babochkin garden: it is a home of an impressively varied collection of butterflies species.

Education centre: give your school group an unforgettable learning experience. Our education programs are interactive, informative and lots of fun. Any residents who are interested in flowers, plants and animals, naturalist, experts, students are all welcome.

The most unusual exotic animals and birds in the Botanical Garden:

- Finch - birds with bright plumage and pleasant voices, extraodinary.

- Tomato Frog - when threatened, the frog puffs up its body that looks like a ripe tomato.

- Spider - tarantula - an expensive, desired species due to its amazing size and beauty. An adult spider reaches 20 cm . Superstitious people ascribe to them a variety of sinister quality

- Chameleon - a lizard , known for its ability to wholly disguise