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About the project

Аbout the project

The idea to create a "Museum of orchids" did not come out of nowhere. The idea of ​​stand in the hearts, the minds, the hearts and is a link in the logical chain of several projects. The launching pad for the implementation of the "orchid Museum" project, of course, is successfully implemented and embedded in the life of the project "Botanical Garden", which was an additional object in the number of tourist routes of the city and is popular in spite of his young age, not only the inhabitants of Vologda, but also far beyond its borders.

Botanical Garden «Botanika» is well positioned to increase and replenish your collection. Greenhouse, which occupy today different areas of the Botanical Garden in the area equal to 1600 m2, has the potential expansion to 2,000 m2, which is to create a good collection of additional plants.

In addition, traveling the world, management and experts of our company have made them one main conclusion is that the most interesting are for humans not any standard and well-known project templates, and unique, no matter what diverse objects passing into the category of interest specific location , city, country.

Involuntarily the question arises: "Why, it is the Museum, and, namely, orchids, and not some other plants, perhaps, palm trees, well, or, for example, cacti" First of all, the answer lies in the "Orchid" title. The fact that the plant of the family Orchids by themselves have unique! This is the most advanced, diverse and numerous group among the plant kingdom, both in their structure and in their development. In addition, the magnificence and beauty of the orchid flower argue now is not necessary, it is an undeniable fact!

The museum approach to creating such a collection, the principle of building the museum displays allow most fully and professionally to bring all the accumulated information about the humanity of these unique and wonderful plants! "Orchids Museum" - a symbiosis of science, industry and the arts in a historic perspective on a global scale.