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Vologda branch

Ershovsky lane. 10a, tel. 8 (8172) 284338

E-mail: bmstock@flregion.ru

Director: Sergey Antipin, tel. 89217155237

Wholesale center Blumenstok VLG - specialized complex of warehouses with an area of 4000 m2

Cut flowers warehouse - 1000 m2

Pot plants warehouse - greenhouse of 800 m2

Related products warehouse - 1800 m2

Office, hall - 200 m2

First and largest branch, characterized by the maximum range of products and a direct connection with our own production.

Cherepovets branch

Str. Gogol 45, tel. 8 (8202) 214495

E-mail: blumenstok@yandex.ru

Director: Sergei Shalagin, tel. 89217235444

Wholesale center Blumenstok CRP - universal warehouse, 800 m2, comprising three sections:

cut flowers

potted plants

related items

The second largest branch characterized by very careful work in the cut flowers direction.

Kostroma branch

Str. Galich 100, warehouse number 7, tel. 8 (4942) 450661

E-mail: bms1@flregion.ru

Director: Olga A. Gorshkov, tel. 89203960158

Wholesale center Blyumenstok KST - universal warehouse, 300 m2, consisting of three sections:

cut flowers

potted plants

related items

The third largest and oldest branch is characterized by the ongoing development and potential.