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Related products

In Related products warehouse you can find the following product groups:

flower packaging and decoration: felt, corrugation, mica,

ribbons, ting, frames, baskets, oasis

flower pots and planters of all types and materials: ceramic, plastic, metal, wicker

metalic items: flower stands, gazebos, arches, shelves, benches, furniture vases: glass, ceramic, plastic, wood

souvenirs and gifts: figurines, stationery, gift sets

interior: fountains, chests, clocks, paintings

garden goods: inventory, ponds, pumps, soils

Christmas items: Christmas trees, garlands, figures

We get deliveries directly from China, Italy, Poland, Korea, the Philippines, as well as buy it from domestic producers and large wholesale companies with maximum discounts.

In addition, we sell Soils of own production sold under the brand name of the 4 Gardens. Because soils prepare on the basis of the production process for growing tulips and seedlings, their quality is best suited for plants.

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