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Potted plants

In Warehouse of potted plants you can buy potted plants of two major Dutch suppliers of Blumenstok: Noviflora and IBH, as well as potted plants of our own production.

Noviflora - supplier since 2010, a large company, focused on high quality potted flowers.

IBH - a company with which we began to work recently. A distinctive feature of this company is that its managers find desired quotations for large orders from manufacturers.

SHP Flowers - supplier of potted plants of own production, since the formation of the company. SHP produces stuff, which is able to compete with the Dutch and Danish plants in quality and price. Now SHP produces overhead and column cissuses, lemons, hydrangeas, hanging Tradescantia and ivies, potted bulbs for March 8 (crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils and tulips, of course). Moreover a new direction is masteres - rearing of Dutch plants (Ficus, Dracaena, Сhamaedorea, Codieum).

On Working conditions and Catalog pages you can get all detailed information about working with potted plants.