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Work conditions

1.    Terms of discounts OZ «Blumenstok»:

individuals                                                            - Basic group
Sampling from 3 to 10 thousand. rubles month       - group 4
Sampling from 10 to 20 thousand. rubles month     - group 3
Sampling from 20 to 30 thousand. rubles month     - group 2
Sampling from 30 to 100 thousand. rubles month   - group 1

Group prices for the current month is assigned to the client based on the amount of sample in the previous month from all warehouses OC & laquo; Blyumenstok & raquo ;. Discounts are valid only on the condition of timely payment . Failure to pay more than seven calendar days entails automatic loss of discounts.

2.    Group discounts:

group 4 – 10% discount from the base group
group 3 – discount of 13% from the base group
group 2 – 15% discount from the base group
group 1 – discount of 18% from the base group

3.    Individual prices after months of working with clients over 18%.

4.    Ability to work with the customer when buying goods for the realization of collateral.

5.    List of documents required for registration of the client:

For legal entities

   A copy of the Charter of the legal entity
   A copy of the certificate of registration in the Unified State Register ( USR ) of legal entities
   Copy of certificate of STI on registration of the legal entity in the tax authority and the INN , PPC
   A copy of the appointment of the head of the legal entity (protocol, decisions, orders , etc.)
   Bank details of the organization
   All copies must be certified by the signature and seal of the organization, indicating the name of human positions, they were assured.

For individual entrepreneurs

   A copy of the certificate of registration in the Unified State Register (USR) entrepreneurs
   Copy of certificate of STI of natural persons on the tax account and INN
   A copy of the passport of an individual entrepreneur ( page with photo , name and registration)

6.    Conditions of work with applications

cut flowers:
Order for production of flowers , Ecuador , Colombia , Israel, Kenya issued for 2 weeks
Order flowers made ​​in Holland and Russia issued for 1 week

on potted plants:
Order on houseplants issued for 1 week

on related product:
Order on related product can be formed by call or e-mail to the manager on related products.