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Cut flowers

We import high quality flowers from 5 countries and grow our vibrant tulips.


Hamifluer has been our valuable partner since 2004.


Work through brokers in direct contact with plantations (roses - Serezuela, Milagro, Sagar, carnations - Don Eusebio, Andalusia, Gamur and Hosa, Alstroemeria - Natuflora).


Working through a broker in direct contact with plantations (roses - Josaflor, Garda Monterozes, Bluminakres, Santa Clara, Alstroemeria - Garda).


Working through a broker company Vered, buying the whole range of Israeli green, gerbera for March 8, and Alstroemeria from Colombian plantation Funza.


Working through a broker company Upendo, buying spray and disbud Kenyan rose.

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